Child of Light – play a fairy tale
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Child of Light – play a fairy tale

RPG games are indeed one of the most played games in this industry, but this gender has suffered many transformation during the years. Ubisoft is a gaming company that is known for creating this types of games and across time they have delivered us some good games like Watch Dogs or The Division and now they have decided to change a little bit the pattern and to give us something different, but at the same time something good: Child of Light, a real RPG game - find the details required.

Child of Light presents us the adventures of Aurora, the daughter of duke of Austria, who is a victim of a mysterious spell and becomes captive in a dream. In order to go back in her world, the child of fire hair needs to bring back on the Lemuria sky, the stars, the moon and the sun, stolen by an evil witch. During her adventures, Aurora will be helped by various characters, Igniculus are the most used and they are some kind of fire fly. Every character in the story has its own story and at some point they will need your help to escape from tangle - start now to play.

Right from the beginning, Child of Light will give you the impression that you are in a fairy tale, that you will play a fairy tale. The story and also the secondary quests will be making references of European fairy tales. Maybe the most amazing thing that this game has to offer you are the dialogues that come in rimes. I really enjoyed this features and I considered it to be special and it definitely gave something magical to the game.

The gameplay will last around 12 hours, but in all this time you will have the possibility to explore every corner of Lemuria facing all kind of evil creatures. You will have to take care of Igniculus because it is a trust worthy friend and even though it hasn’t impressive powers, he can blind your enemies and in this way they will freeze for a couple of seconds giving you and advantage in the run/fight.

The graphic of the game is a pretty good one and it will remind you of the well known games Rayman Origins and Legends. If you happen to be a fan of these two games, then you will be in love with Child of the Light. You can sign up for more details on ther own website.

Child of the Light is an impressive game and even though at first say you may think that this is a game created for children, you will be enjoyed just as well as an adult. You will have an amazing and magic adventure that will remind you of your childhood.

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